1. "Some people underestimate how erotic it is to be understood."
    — Mary Rakow (via oofpoetry)

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  2. "Last year I abstained
    this year I devour

    without guilt
    which is also an art"
    — Margaret Atwood, Last Year I Abstained (via foxesinbreeches)

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  4. veritas-aequitas-zeke:

    John Fugelsang is brilliant!

  5. shizukasmack:


    No. 168 “The Unarmed” 

    Rest In Peace…

    to Michael Brown, John Crawford, Eric Garner, Trayvon Martin, Renisha McBride, Oscar Grant, Sean Bell And the countless other lives that have been taken away from this world due to prejudice.

    And an honor to the many people in Ferguson standing up, fighting, hoping that some kind of justice can be had in the midst of chaos.

    At last, a new Revolutionary Times comic has arrived. 

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  6. ofbloodandrust:


    Ladies and Gentleman, the man that will be in history books. He was throwing the burning tear gas. Not to the cops but away from the children protesting. In his American Shirt and bag of chips. Check his twitter.

    What I love about this is the bag of chips, because it’s like he was just chillin there eating a bag of chips and what the fuck! No! Get this tear gas shit out of here!

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  7. postcardsfromspace:

    According to a Pew Research survey, only 37% of white Americans think the events in #Ferguson raise important issues about race.

    Okay, fellow white people. We need to talk.

    Let me tell you a story: I was an angry punk teenager. Not violent, but I did a shitton of…

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  10. d3lt4:

    "Fibonacci Sequence #3" Art print

    Leonardo Fibonacci is an Italian mathematician from the 12th century.

    Ummm… I’m pretty sure that’s the Golden Ratio… Which does have some interesting correlations with the Fibonacci… I’m just not seeing any of those correlations represented here…

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  12. odinsblog:

    The New Jim Crow

    1. Ferguson, Missouri has a population of approximately 21,000 people — roughly 75% of those residents are Black

    2. The Ferguson police department has around 530 cops —less than 5 of them are Black

    3. Ferguson had *zero* homicides for all of 2014 —until Michael Brown was murdered by Darrin Wilson

    4. Things you should know: Five Myths About Black-on-Black Crime

    5. Michael Brown was 18yrs old and was about to begin college. Brown had no criminal record, and despite the Ferguson PD’s smear campaign, Mike Brown PAID FOR the cigars —those facts are all important and should be known, but even if Brown was a high school dropout with prior arrests who stole the cigars, 1) it wouldn’t have made his life any less valuable, 2) we have a court system and those are not capital offenses and 3) it doesn’t change the fact that the cop who killed him, Darren Wilson, had no idea about Brown’s personal history when he executed Brown. Wilson saw only a Black teen deemed either “too uppity” or “suspicious” because of his skin color

    6. Five examples: The Militarization of the police

    7. It’s deeply Institutional: Police view Black Children As Less Innocent

    8. So please - don’t get it twisted

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